Master students


Phase transitions in neutron stars

Student: Mgr. Martin Fuzik

Supervisor: Mgr. Martin Urbanec, Ph.D.


The aim of this work is to investigate the influence of possible phase transitions between hadron and quark mass on the properties of neutron stars, especially on their masses and radii.
Full-text PDF here. (in czech language)


Oscillations of thick accretion discs in Hartle-Thorne geometry

Student: Mgr. Monika Matuszková

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Gabriel Török, Ph.D.


The aim of the thesis was to examine the influence of the quadrupole moment of slowly rotating neutron stars on oscillations of non-slender accretion tori. We used known methods for analytical calculation of frequencies of radial and vertical epicyclic modes of oscillating accretion tori. The spacetime is described by the Hartle-Thorne geometry with the accuracy up the second order terms in the angular momentum of the neutron star and the first order in its quadrupole moment. Our results can be used in the modeling of high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations observed in the X-ray spectra of low-mass X-ray binary stars containing a neutron star.
Full-text PDF here. (in czech language)