Our Research

  • Study, modelling and visualisation of astrophysical processes in the vicinity of compact objects (black holes, neutron and strange stars), analysis of astrophysical data
  • Modelling of the inner structure of compact objects and their equation of state
  • Exploration of detailed influence of structure and induced spacetime of compact objects on their inner physical processes and processes in their vicinity
  • Simulations of observed X-ray variability and spectra of accreting compact objects considering existing and future X-ray observatories
  • Utilisation of advanced algorithms and hardware for parallel and accelerated computations and data processing

The centre established in 2013-2014 focuses on research in the area of complex modelling of astrophysical processes and observational data requiring complex linking of analytical and numerical methods. An emphasis is put on the development and utilization of advanced external as well as own software platforms benefiting from high power of currently available computers. Among the basic priorities of the centre are interpretation of existing satellite and terrestrial observations of radiation of compact objects and participation in preparing future astrophysical satellite missions. In parallel we also focus on applying the utilized methods in other areas of physics and applied physics, such as biophysics.


Selected Recent Publications

  • URBANCOVÁ Gabriela, URBANEC Martin, TÖRÖK Gabriel, STUCHLÍK Zdeněk, BLASCHKE Martin, MILLER John C. Epicyclic oscillations in the Hartle-Thorne external geometry. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 877, Issue 2, article id. 66, 17 pp. (2019), eprint arXiv:1905.00730
  • DE ROSA Alessandra, UTTLEY Phil, GOU LiJun, ..., BAKALA Pavel, ŠRÁMKOVÁ Eva, STUCHLÍK Zdeněk, TÖRÖK Gabriel, URBANEC Martin. Accretion in strong field gravity with eXTP. Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, Volume 62, Issue 2, article id. 29504
  • WATTS Anna L., YU WenFei, POUTANEN Juri, ..., BAKALA Pavel, ŠRÁMKOVÁ Eva, URBANEC Martin, TÖRÖK Gabriel. Dense matter with eXTP. Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, Volume 62, Issue 2, article id. 29503.
  • GOLUCHOVÁ Kateřina, TÖRÖK Gabriel, ŠRÁMKOVÁ Eva, ABRAMOWICZ Marek, STUCHLÍK Zdeněk, HORÁK Jiří. Mass of the active galactic nucleus black hole XMMUJ134736.6+173403Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2019, Volume 622, id.L8
  • DE FALCO Vittorio, BAKALA Pavel, BATTISTA Emanuele, LANČOVÁ Debora, FALANGA Maurizio, STELLA Luigi. Three-dimensional general relativistic Poynting-Robertson effect: Radial radiation field. Phys. Rev. D 99, 023014
    [NASA ADS]
  • LICHARD Peter. Common explanation of the behavior of some e+e- annihilation processes around √s = 1.9 GeV. Phys. Rev. D 98, 113011 (2018)
  • TÖRÖK Gabriel, GOLUCHOVÁ Kateřina, ŠRÁMKOVÁ Eva, HORÁK Jiří, BAKALAPavel, URBANEC Martin. On one-parametric formula relating the frequencies of twin-peak quasi-periodic oscillationsMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, 2018,  473,  1, 136-141. ISSN 1745-3933.


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