The activities of the centre in the continuous search for gifted students to be involved in the work of the centre include above all motivational grant programmes as well as  organisation of informal seminars and workshops. We also support participation of students at international conferences. Moreover, it is also presumed the students will gradually get involved in a maximum number of allocated grants.


Participation in organizing RAGtime 19 meeting (LOC, SOC), October 2017

  • Gabriel Török; Podpora a rozvoj mezinárodní vědecké spolupráce v oblasti relativistické astrofyziky a přípravy rentgenových kosmických misí.
  • Gabriel Török; Restrictions on Spacetimes around Rotating Neutron Stars (Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer). Download here

Our talk at workshop From Quiescence to Outburst: when Microquasars go Wild (Porquerolles Island, France, September 2017

  • Pavel Bakala; Thin accretion disks of neutron stars influenced by the relativistic Poynting-Robertson effect


Our  posters at 16th HEAD Meeting (Sun Valley, Idaho, USA), August 2017

  • Andrea Kotrlová, Eva Šrámková, Gabriel Török, Zdeněk Stuchlík & Kateřina Goluchová; Super-Spinning Compact Objects and Rapid Variability of Galactic Microquasars. Download here
  • Eva Šrámková, Gabriel Török, Kateřina Goluchová, Jiří Horák & Martin Urbanec; Twin-Peak QPOs from Oscillating Torus with Cusp. Download here
  • Gabriela Urbancová, Martin Urbanec, Gabriel Török, Zdeněk Stuchlík & Martin Blaschke; Some Properties of Orbital Motion in The Hartle-Thorne Metric. Download here
  • Gabriel Török, Kateřina Goluchová, Eva Šrámková, Jiří Horák, Pavel Bakala & Martin Urbanec; Simple Formula Relating Frequencies of Twin-Peak Quasiperiodic Oscillations. Download here
  • Kateřina Goluchová, Gabriel Török, Martin Urbanec, Eva Šrámková, Gabriela Urbancová; Innermost Stable Circular Orbits Around Rotating Compact Stars. Download here
  • Martin Urbanec; Pulsar braking: Time dependent moment of inertia? Download here


Activities in 2014

During the summer 2014 we started very comprehensive activities utilising, above all, the support in the frame of projects SGS/11/2013 'Analysis and Modelling of Astrophysical Observations of Relativistic Compact Stars' and OPVK CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0271 'Intensification of International, Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral Attitudes while Studying'. In cooperation with the experts from the Institute of Astronomy (Prague) and experts from several EU countries we organised, together with the research Centre of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, more than ten workshops focused primarily on involving the students in the active research work within the centres.


Due to the Centre's considerable orientation to international cooperation, an important part of making the involvement of students more attractive as well as efficient is the possibility for the students to take part in placements or study visits abroad. In 2014 there were two monthly study visits of a doctorand student Mgr. Urbancova at a prestigious American institution Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


There also were several short placements abroad. Among others. doctoral student Mgr. Goluchova visited a leading Polish institution CAMK. For 2015 three IGS projects have been prepared, these support cooperation with institutions abroad, where students can get directly involved.


Last but not least, the programme of the Centre's activities also takes into account participation of excellent students from abroad both in the form of external cooperation with the SU students and directly in the frame of doctorand studies. Currently a half year stay is being prepared for a doctorand Vitorria de Falco from International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland, which will focus on the problems of radiation from the vicinity of black holes and the mission of LOFT observatory.


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